Saturday, January 3, 2009

SAP Business Objects EPM product to address supply chain performance

Supply chain is a challenging function, as it tries to bring vast network of business partners across the globe, to achieve a common mission of delivering superior quality products, meeting all the demand and also at optimum costs. Because of the competitive atmosphere, every business leverages a global network of suppliers to achieve cost arbitrage and remain cost competitive. This brings challenges of keeping up high service levels to customers and thereby retaining the customers.

All of the above puts across complexities to the Supply Chain Analyst and Chief Operating Officers who need to take right decisions across various priorities, given the cost pressures we are going through in the current economic climate and environment. These Business Users need software solutions that can help them gain visibility into operations, strategize on few key performance indicators that matter the most and uncover the underlying business drivers that affect the results and enterprise performance. SAP Business Objects Supply Chain Performance Management (SCPM) product is built keeping the Supply Chain Analysts, COOs, Financial Analysts and other business users in mind, and to facilitate in not only gain visibility into whats going on in the supply chain operations and processes e.g. Perfect Order Fulfillment, but also help build a strategy that reflects on the objectives of the enterprise / supply chain function leveraging the strategy management.


The SCPM solution also allows the user to uncover important business drivers that were the reasons for the results.


With its uber cool user interface built on adobe flex, SCPM product is already well received by the business users, who have seen the product, as they get the right visibility from the underlying data in an easy to use analytical user interface.image"

SCPM product also comes with a library of 342 Performance Indicators built from the most accepted SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference) Model, that covers most of the business scenarios every business user would like to track and analyze performance.image"

SCPM not only allows the user to track against targets but allows comparisons against benchmark data, which would make every business to strive to become best run business as they would set the targets against the best in the industry. For the SAP customers, one of the key aspect of the solution is to extend their existing investment in SAP, as SCPM product has been built with comprehensive datamodels built on SAP Netweaver BW as the backend.

SAP Business Objects focus in Enterprise Performance Management products has been very significant. SAP Business Objects has focused significantly on beyond finance topics. It already has Spend Analytics in its portfolio that helps Chief Purchasing Officers and Buyers. In the recent analyst rating, SAP Business Objects have been positioned as leaders in the space.

Wish you all a very happy, prosperous, peaceful and wish fulfilling year 2009 !!!

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