Saturday, January 3, 2009

Are you an Inmonite or a Kimbalite ?

Funny question to ask but then came across this question in a book that I was reading... This basically talks about the two schools of data warehousing as preached by the messiahs of data warehousing , namely Ralph Kimball and Bill Inmon.

So what is it that I am trying to say ?
The schools of thought are basically whether you have a data driven data warehouse or a metric driven data warehouse.

What are they exactly...?

Data Driven Data Warehouse.

This refers to the Inmon point of view where all the information relating to the organization should flow into the data warehouse and that analysis should be supported on this by the data warehouse....
This would mean that all the transactional data flows into the data warehouse and this would in turn support the corporate information factory view that is advocated by Bill Inmon.

Metric driven data warehouse.

This is a slightly different tack where you look at your reporting by way of key metrics which you want to monitor and build the data warehouse basis that. This also calls for a detailed dimensional model where the various dimensions by which these metrics need to be analyzed are detailed out and carefully modeled.

Will detail out both schools of data warehousing soon... but then are you a Kimbalite or an Inmonite?

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